• Orthodox / Allopathic Medicines

    There are particular requirements and processes involved during the registration process for medicines in South Africa and we offer the following services...

  • Complementary Medicines

    Our aim is to clarify the often confusing issues surrounding the complementary medicines industry. We assist our clients to comply with the current requirements for their individual needs. Our clients have come to rely on our expert advice and prompt service.

  • Cosmetics

    We can assist with evaluation of ingredients, claims, advertisements and labelling, taking into account the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) Code of Advertising Practice.

  • Foodstuffs

    All foodstuffs are controlled by the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act, Act 54 of 1972, which controls the manufacture, importation, marketing and sale of foodstuffs.

  • Veterinary Medicines, Farm Feeds and Stock Remedies

    There are particular requirements and processes involved during the registration process in South Africa we can assist with the following...

  • Licensing of Facilities and GMP

    Depending on the business and its intended activities, all pharmaceutical companies in South Africa require licensing with both the Medicines Control Council and the Department of Health.


Pharma Companies:


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galderma logo   batswadi  novartis amgen 
dischem  sanofi-aventis  litha healthcare group logo-med 
MDI logo  pharmachoice  IBSA akacia 
activo  Direct Medicines Company
stiefel gsk logo Quad Pharma
hetero  logo glenmark  FK Logo Mylan 
merck logo 


Veterinary companies:


pennville Xenia Pharmaceuticals

Device Companies:


1100120607874 low resolution logoBiometR

Complementary companies:


CoMed Balanced Life  moretolife Eezi Health
Natsure Lunarlogo  logo ivodent Pharmamark PTY LTD 18198
TNP keynote

Cosmetic Companies:


cosmesuit galderma logo  logo l oreal logo

Clinical Companies (CRO’s):


chiltern logofull  4276650592 a128b3982a z Retrosol

Warehouse / Distribution:


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